© Easy 4U Solutions Ltd 2013 Made with Xara LED Lights now with a 5 year Warranty! LED Flood Lights                                            4W GU10 240V                               LED Lights  The latest LED Lights can directly replace those old incandescent and halogen bulbs - providing the same or greater light output at a fraction of the wattage. LEDs save you money on your energy bills and last much longer than conventional bulbs. NOW with a 5 year Warranty!   New Products New LED Spotlights Using high power LED’s 10 watts provides the same light output as a conventional 100W halogen tube. Also available with: Movement sensor, higher power ratings Light output in cool or warm White 3 colours -Black, Grey or White MR16 Replacements we can replace your old MR16 lamps with low energy LED GU10 bulbs using the existing fitting!  Call for details.